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            Modern Stairs

            We specialize in modern stair design. Our company was
            created to tackle challenges and new ideas and to work
            hard to get




            We specialize in circular & spiral stair design. Our company was created to tackle challenges and new ideas and to work hard to get




            We specializes in designing and manufacturing of architectural custom made wooden/steel staircases & handrails...


            As time progresses, we observe that more and more of our clients prefer modern designs of stair and rail sysytems… Let us present you some …


            The element as important as stairs, is a true piece of art which gives us endless posibilities to show style and craftsmanship.

            Design Interior Corp.

            Design Interior Corp. enjoys an excellent reputation in the
            stair-building field. Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients. Our
            experienced craftsmen will create unique stairs for you. We can
            guarantee you will be happy with our products. You can either order
            stairs to replace the existing ones or design a completely new
            stairs and magnificent handrail system – a combination of wood,
            metal or glass that will work for your house as well as your office.

            Our project

            SEE MORE

            What ours customers say

            Jon Scott - ★★★★★High quality, beautiful work! Thanks for all the help! I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends and family!!!
            Robert LaChaussee - ★★★★★Wonderful company to work with. They held my hand throughout the entire process. My wife and I could not be happier. Thank you so much!
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